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PTA Leadership

The PTA Executive Board members are grateful to be part of the engaged, dynamic and generous Roosevelt community.

2018-019 Executive Board:

President:   Monica MacMillan
Co-President (EVP):    Cindy Lin Anderson
Treasurer:    Christina Koo
Secretary:    Amanda Rogowski
VP Fundraising:   Molly St. Clair, Reiko Osaki
VP Communication:   Rohini Luthra, Penny Crespo
VP Volunteers:   Megan Farrell, Chris O'Brien
Auditor:    Nitin Bafna
Financial Secretary:    Melanie Wang
Historians:   Fouzia Shamsi, Lindsay Bierbrauer
Parliamentarian:   Jamie Cheng


We welcome input and encourage you to email us with questions, concerns, or ideas.

To contact the Roosevelt PTA Co-Presidents, email us at: